The technology sector in Australia and New Zealand is one sector where skills are currently in short supply. In the Hays Salary Guide Report FY21/22, 68% of the local technology industry is suffering from skills shortages. This is alongside other sectors including banking, mining, and human resources.

Even with the current situation, staffs within the tech sector believe they deserve a lot more – with 68% of technology professionals thinking they deserve a 3% or more salary increase, as they said it would “better reflect their performance”.

So, is it still worth hiring an in-house app developer?


Given the pandemic and an increase in wages in New Zealand, hiring an app developer in-house is effective especially for small and medium businesses. With an in-house team, you will need more specialists who have a deeper understanding of your products and easier communications as your project is growing.

There are many merits of hiring an in-house team of app developers. You can take your time with them and make unlimited reviews. You can change plans anytime you like, make improvements throughout the app’s lifetime, and micro-manage every aspect of app development.

However, if your business isn’t primarily about apps and that you have minimal need for developers once the app is launched, an in-house team can become a growing expense with nothing to do.

Other hiring options


There are other options for varying kinds of app development needs.

You could hire a freelancer if you need an individual specialist for a short time, for a specific kind of task. A major advantage of this option is the contractual nature of the agreement, which means that the business owner doesn’t have to pay for vacation days, social security, and other benefits. Being cheap, however, is also a downfall, since many freelance app developers for hire out there are simply under-qualified for big jobs.

You could choose outstaffing. This means you could hire any particular specialists you need to complement your existing team.

Or you could hire a dedicated team that could include designers and developers working under a project manager. This team could work with your in-house team for the specific duration of a project and offer their expertise.

Outsource to the experts


Web and app development companies like us have already done all the vetting and have hired some of the best designers, developers, managers, and QA testers. Instead of spending weeks or months of your precious time hunting for the perfect team members, you could instead hire an app development company to develop your app and outsource your entire project to them.

Outsourcing app development is beneficial to businesses, and here are some of the reasons:

  • Pressed for time. App creation is a multifaceted approach that requires years of study. It’s simply not feasible to learn all of this by yourself, even if you happen to be talented in the field of programming. By hiring an app development team for outsourcing, you can leverage the expertise of other talents in the industry in order to create your mobile app and save yourself decades of effort in the process.
  • Budget Constraints. Unless you’re running a Fortune 500 business with deep pockets, you may not be able to afford having your own dedicated teams for app development. Maintaining a private workforce like this is beyond the reach of 99% of entrepreneurs. Outsourcing an app development team is therefore the most practical solution.
  • Lack Of Available Talent. Specialists are difficult to come by. Even if you have your own workforce, there may not be anyone in your team who has the necessary skill to create a particular feature that you want. Contracting the job is often easier than having to train a member of your own company.
  • Launch Deadlines. Missed deadlines is a common occurrence for freelancers who often work on multiple projects at a time. On the other hand, outsourcing companies have systems in place that prevent slacking off. The larger workforce also allows them to keep things on time and on schedule.
  • Lack Of Clarity. Mobile app creation involves so many minutiae that it is simply beyond the capabilities of an entrepreneur to micromanage. Business owners should focus on the big picture rather than having to spend all their time nit-picking the details of an app. By simply hiring an app development team for outsourcing, your overall goal, you can then let them handle the implementation, freeing up your calendar for you to run the more important aspects of your business.

Overall, outsourcing your work to a remote team can be cost-effective while still maintaining the necessary quality to make the app stand out for clients. While it may not be as cheap as hiring a solo freelance app developer, the work will progress much faster, and if you pick an agency that knows what it’s doing, then they will often come up with an elegant app that can rival the products of even the most dedicated in-house designers.

Hiring app development experts is a process that takes time but done right, makes all the difference in your final product. So cut no corners in your research and make sure you choose the right people for the job.