Image thanks to ANZ.

29th May 2019
ANZ Biz Growth Series Seminar – Auckland

ANZ does a great job for businesses looking for support to grow.  They have built some very comprehensive programmes to upskill businesses on everything from digital marketing to cash flow management.  They also run the Biz Growth series, of which, we have been strong advocators for digital transformation.

The Biz Growth series targets Startup and Growth businesses looking for insights to assist in their next phase of growth. The events achieve great numbers and bring together businesses facing similar challenges.

In the digital space, we know well in NZ that businesses understand that digital solutions drive disruption in their respective industries and additionally, their customers and staff want to engage in modern ways.

There is however, a gap in knowledge about what choices SME’s have to make in the digital space, how much it will cost and the time required to get it to market. Thinking through options for websites, digital forms, business applications, mobile applications, CRM, ERP solutions or legacy systems… it’s a minefield of complication if you don’t know what you are looking for. We want to get SME’s to start thinking in the right space so that they can find the best solutions for their business.

In NZ, we are lucky to have a consumer base deeply engaged in digital. 74% of Kiwi’s search online for a product or service and 60% of are making regular transactions. What is most interesting for businesses looking to grow is that these transactions are now evenly split between desktop and mobile. Usage of smartphone’s for exploration of information is commonly understood but now consumers are happy to transact regularly from their device.

In fact, the trend would indicate that we will most commonly use our mobile phone in the future instead of a computer.  A business, therefore, must have mobile solutions that deliver a great user experience to be relevant now and the future.

Talking with growing businesses is a great privilege as we fit into this space ourselves. Many businesses struggle to make the right decisions in the digital space, and in this circular economy, we’re happy to offer a hand up.