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The Forum

Chris has worked with business leaders for the last 20 years to assist them in learning from management best practices, with a focus on business strategy, human resource management and organizational culture change.

Chris Simmons needed an iPad app that would enable him to work more efficiently with his participants at a forum meeting without the inefficiency with working with and collecting results  by paper.

We worked with Chris and developed an iPad app that allowed participants to access ready templates that would make the process of gathering data from the audience very quick.

The first version had access to a Monthly Update template, a Presentation Worksheet, and a Coaching Worksheet. It featured worksheets for data entry directly into the iPad and templates to ensure that participants would get the maximum benefit from the Forum Experience. The entered data could also be and formatted into an easy to read report that could be read directly from the iPad. The app was very well received by the users that made it their must use tool for forum discussions.