Quick answers to the most commonly asked questions

How much does it cost to build an app ?

The costs of developing an app depends on the time it takes to develop it. The development time depends on a number of factors including the time taken to develop the app and complexity of the app. Most apps generally take a month to a few months to develop.

Do you offer complete solutions ?
We offer end to end solution development and can help you with a project from concept through to completion beginning with the server side development right through to the final mobile app. If you just need mobile APIs we can get that done for you as well. Let us know your requirements and we can develop the best solution based on your requirements.
Should I develop the app for iPhone, Android or Windows?

The most popular mobile platforms today  are iPhone/iPad (iOS) and Android.  We have the skills to develop in Windows but the reality is that this is declining due to Microsoft discontinuing its product. At the end of the day its your call but you should know that an app written for one platform has to be rewritten for another platform as they are completely different languages. 
For most cases we recommend developing apps for iOS and Android to start with because of their dominance of these devices in NZ. If you’re on a budget we also offer a write once and target multiple device platform but that would depend on the solution requirements. We can discuss the pros and cons of each approach based on the solution you need.

Do I need to maintain the App after its built

Not necessarily, we can do that for you if you don't have the time or skills.  There are various different ways to doing this. Have a chat to your sales rep if you want to explore this in more detail  

What resources do I need on my side?

This depends a lot on the project. During design, we will need access to people who absolutely know about your business and what you are trying to achieve so that the App can be properly designed and there are no gaps.   The best-run projects have a project manager / technical product manager who understands what is trying to be achieved, can make decisions about the App as they come up and can coordinate resources and people within your company.  We will need documentation or people who know about the internal systems we are accessing, We also need someone to supply the content and images.  You will also need to set aside time for testing whether that is with customers or in-house.